Heading to digital on July 9th, we have an exclusive clip from Ben Bigelow's THINE EARS SHALL BLEED that you can watch right now!

"In the 1860's American West, a minister and his family are traveling in a covered wagon when they hear a mysterious sound from the woods. Believing the sound to be God, they worship it, until they realize the sound is something much darker. "

  • Directed By: Ben Bigelow
  • Written By: Ben Bigelow, William Bigelow
  • Produced By: Lynn Kouf, Jim Kouf, Dennis Aig
  • Starring: Andrew Hovelson, Hannah Cabell, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Lea Zawada, Duke Huston
  • Original Score By: Jacques Brautbar
  • Cinematographer: Chris Cavanaugh
  • Distributor: Miracle Media & Trinity Creative Partnership
  • Production Company: Unnecessary Mountain Productions
  • Runtime: 102 Minutes