Jason Voorhees
2017/01/02 21:41:18 UTC by Jonathan James

We’re back with our annual list of favorites here on Daily Dead. For those that are new to Daily Dead, we handle our year-end lists differently here. Rather than just covering films, our lists can extend to TV, games, collectibles, events, and anything else genre-related. In short, we’re sharing with you a list of our favorite horror experiences from 2016.

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While many horror fans know Charlie Heaton as protective older brother and monster hunter Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things, moviegoers can see a different side of the actor in his new role as Stephen, the paralyzed son of Naomi Watts’ character in Shut In. With the new thriller now out in theaters, Daily Dead had the chance to catch up with Heaton, who discussed the physical challenges of playing Stephen and also talked about beginning production on Stranger Things Season 2.

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Always ready to defend his friends or say a one-liner worthy of printing out and hanging on your wall, it’s easy to see why Abraham is such a fan favorite character on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Following the season 7 premiere, Daily Dead, along with other journalists, recently had the opportunity to take part in a conference call interview with Cudlitz, who discussed filming the group’s introduction to Negan and Lucille, the family dynamics of the show, and finding creative ways to keep a crucial secret in between seasons 6 and 7. [Spoiler warning for those who haven’t watched the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7.]

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Halloween decorating is a serious business for my family. It started with my father pretending he was a Halloween prop on our porch and has since evolved into more elaborate decorations, lighting, and sound, making my family’s home a must-see stop for trick-or-treaters every October 31st.

With the haunting season upon us once again, it’s that time of year to embrace the horrors of home ownership and transform the usually friendly exteriors of our houses into frightening facades. While there are many ways to give the outside of your home a macabre makeover, one of the most important elements in creating a creepy attraction is lighting. Through my experiences scaring the neighbors over the years, I’ve put together a list of tips on the most efficient ways to use lighting and add in some new technology to your Halloween setup this year.

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I’ve taken part in outdoor Halloween decorating nearly as long as I’ve been alive, but it’s only over the last five years or so that I’ve been having Halloween parties with friends and family. Every year, it gets a little more elaborate, and I’ve learned a lot about what to do (and what not to do) along the way. Here are my tips and tricks for your upcoming Halloween party:

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Cassandra Peterson is celebrating 35 years of Elvira in a big way. October 5th sees the release of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a coffee-table-style book from Tweeterhead that includes photos and sketches from her career, including a significant number of never-before-seen images.

Ahead of the book’s release, I had a chance to catch up with Cassandra to talk about how this project came together, a photo that foretold her “Queen of Halloween” status at an early age, and much more:

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Bruce Campbell returns as Ash this Sunday in the premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 on STARZ, and he couldn’t be more excited for fans to check it out. Having seen the first two episodes, I can tell Daily Dead readers that the series continues to deliver great character moments and over-the-top horror at the breakneck pace we saw in season 1. We get to learn more about the time between Army of Darkness and Ash vs Evil Dead when Ash goes back home, we’re introduced to brand new characters (including Ash’s father), and the second episode has Ash in his most outrageous battle to date (and that’s saying a lot…).

While he was out at Fantastic Fest, I had a chance to catch up with Bruce Campbell to discuss all things Ash vs Evil Dead. Continue reading to learn about exploring Ash’s past, working with Lee Majors, interest in future seasons, and a book sequel to If Chins Could Kill:

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Like most horror fans, Halloween is more of a 24/7 celebration for me and my family, but there are a few signs that October 31st is right around the corner: the abundance of pumpkin ale in stores, my increased appetite for Count Chocula, and the opening of haunted attractions across the country. The latter seems to be happening a bit earlier in recent years, and I had a chance to get a jump-start on the haunted attraction season when Universal Orlando flew me down to check out the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights.

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Daily Dead was invited to check out Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights this past weekend, and as part of the media event, Greg Nicotero took the stage to talk about his experience with The Walking Dead maze. Here’s a recap of his Q&A, which also includes reflections on favorite moments from his career, not being able to say anything about The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere episode, and much more:

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This past weekend, I was invited by Universal Orlando Resort to attend the media event and opening of Halloween Horror Nights. Now in its 26th year, Halloween Horror Nights is bigger than ever in Orlando, with a mix of original mazes and properties such as Halloween and American Horror Story.

For the first part of our event coverage, here are comments from Universal Orlando Resort’s Creative Development Show Director Patrick Braillard on what you’ll encounter this holiday season, along with official preview photos from most of the mazes.

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