2015/10/09 20:25:57 UTC by Patrick Bromley


To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions and more.

Writer/director Paul Solet first made a name for himself on the horror scene with his short film “Grace,” which he later adapted into an excellent feature starring Jordan Ladd. His contribution to Tales of Halloween, a pseudo-futuristic punk rock Spaghetti Western called “The Weak and the Wicked,” reunites a few cast members from his most recent feature, Dark Summer, and also showcases a different side of Solet. Read More

2015/10/09 19:01:22 UTC by Jonathan James


I've been raving about The Final Girls for a while now and I'm excited for Daily Dead readers to see what all the buzz is about for themselves, now that the movie is out in theaters and available on VOD. To give you a little tease of what's to come, we've been provided with an exclusive clip that shows Taissa Farmiga and Malin Akerman squaring off against the movie's masked killer. Read More

2015/10/09 18:29:39 UTC by Heather Wixson


In Eli Roth’s upcoming thriller Knock Knock, Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas play a pair of lost young women who arrive at the home of Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) looking for assistance before taking things to an entirely new level by seducing the affable husband and father. The next morning, Evan does his best to get his guests to leave, but the ladies have other plans—deadly plans—and the duo decide Reeves’ character (and his family) must pay for his indiscretions. Read More

2015/10/09 16:11:11 UTC by Derek Anderson


Everyone wants a piece of Murphy on season two of Syfy's Z Nation, and ahead of the latest episode's premiere tonight at 10:00pm EST, we caught up with Keith Allan, the actor who plays Patient Zero. In our latest Q&A feature, Allan discusses watching Dark Shadows while growing up, Murphy's mindset in season two, and much more. Read More

2015/10/08 23:52:57 UTC by Sean McClannahan

Acclaimed novelist S. Craig Zahler's impressive feature directorial debut takes an uncompromising approach to blending the classic western genre seamlessly with dark humor and ruthless horror elements in successful fashion.
Read More

2015/10/08 21:23:11 UTC by Heather Wixson


This Friday, Eli Roth’s latest foray into the genre world, the sexually-charged thriller Knock Knock, arrives in theaters and on VOD courtesy of Lionsgate Premiere. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas and was co-written by Roth, Nicolás López and Guillermo Amoedo.

Knock Knock follows Reeves’ character Evan after he helps out a pair of stranded women (Izzo and de Armas) one fateful night and succumbs to their wiles; this turns out to be the biggest mistake of Evan's life, as his new friends have some sinister plans for this unfaithful spouse and set out to teach him a deadly lesson that could cost him everything and everyone he loves. Read More

2015/10/08 20:00:28 UTC by Heather Wixson


In Eli Roth’s latest film, Knock Knock, Keanu Reeves portrays Evan Webber, a loving husband and father who makes a fatal mistake one weekend while left home alone to his own devices. Read More

2015/10/08 19:20:49 UTC by Patrick Bromley


To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions and more.

Lucky McKee is a completely singular filmmaker. From The Woods to The Woman, May to All Cheerleaders Die, he has worked through similar, often feminist, themes but never made the same movie twice. His segment in Tales of Halloween, a beautiful dark fairy tale called “Ding Dong,” represents yet another change of pace for the director. Read More

2015/10/08 18:06:31 UTC by Heather Wixson


There’s a popular saying that goes, “Nice guys finish last,” and that’s certainly the case for Keanu Reeves’ character in Eli Roth’s latest thriller, Knock Knock, which finds the veteran actor fighting off a pair of crazed women after a sultry night of fun that comes at a hefty price. Unlike most of his previous films, Roth subtly goes for the jugular with Knock Knock, building to a finale brimming with surreal tension and a wickedly dark sense of humor that left me both cringing and laughing. Read More

2015/10/08 00:51:43 UTC by Jonathan James


Ahead of his anticipated appearance at New York Comic Con this week and the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6's first episode at Madison Square Garden, I caught up with Andrew Lincoln to talk about the start of the new season. Not only do we discuss the season premiere's impressive zombie count, but he also talks about the return of Morgan, new threats, and his favorite horror movies. Read More