In Alien Outpost, co-writer/director Jabbar Raisani transports us to the year 2033, ten years after the first alien invasion of Earth by a dominant species known as “Heavies.” A war raged on for years after the attack on our planet, and now there’s only a scattered amount of aliens left behind to carry out their mission to end humanity once and for all. It’s up to the brave forces of the military to keep these alien predators at bay, particularly at Outpost 37- the most battle-fought area of the globe that has seen countless attacks but found a way to endure the Heavies and their onslaught of terror over the years. Read More

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For the last week of January, horror and sci-fi fans have several great titles to choose from that are making their home entertainment bow on Tuesday. Big Driver, the latest Stephen King adaptation, is coming to DVD and Cinedigm is releasing both Open Windows and Why Don’t You Play in Hell? as well, after their successful festival runs in 2014. Read More

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For his latest film, Joe Lynch kicks things into overdrive with Everly, starring Salma Hayek as the titular character forced to fight off waves of assassins and psychotic hitmen sent by her former lover, a cruel mob boss, who wants her dead after learning she is no longer loyal to him.

Everly arrives on VOD and iTunes on January 23rd, before heading to theaters on February 27th, and we had a chance to talk with Joe Lynch about working with Salma Hayek to create the stellar action-thriller: Read More

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This weekend, Rob Cohen’s psycho-sexy thriller, The Boy Next Door, arrives in theaters. It stars Jennifer Lopez as a middle-aged woman who gets entangled in a dangerous affair with her younger neighbor (Ryan Guzman) as she struggles to make her marriage work with her philandering husband (John Corbett). As you may expect, things take a dark and deadly turn once Lopez’s character realizes that escaping into the arms of a younger man isn’t going to solve any problems- it just ends up creating more.

During the recent press day for The Boy Next Door, we heard from Lopez, Cohen, Guzman and Corbett about their experiences working together on the project (which was also co-produced by Blumhouse Productions), the challenges they faced during their tight shooting schedule, how they dealt with the film’s climatic sex scene and more. Read More

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Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci tackled werewolves in Curse and they’re back with a Middle Eastern supernatural tale in Burning Fields. With the first of eight issues due out on Wednesday, we caught up with the two comic book writers to talk about their latest project: Read More

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This week is a big one for sci-fi fans, as several fantastic films from 2014 are making their home entertainment debuts, including The Zero Theorem, Lucy and Coherence. Horror fans have a lot to look forward to as well with the releases of several notable titles like Wolves, Annabelle and Gnome Alone, which looks to be a hoot of a genre send-up.

Read More

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Writer’s Note: This is the second part of my celebration of Ernest Dickerson’s Demon Knight, which turns 20 today. Truly one of my favorite horror movies to come out of the 1990’s (or really, any decade), Demon Knight was a landmark endeavor for many reasons. You can catch up with Part One of my retrospective here. Read More

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Happy Tuesday the 13th! This week’s home entertainment releases are an eclectic bunch but we’ve got a lot of fun titles to look forward to including two sci-fi classics- At the Earth’s Core and Supernova- as well several recent indie titles including Honeymoon and Jessabelle. Read More

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After several successful seasons on HBO under its belt, Tales from the Crypt and its iconic host, The Cryptkeeper (voiced by John Kassir), made the leap to the big screen in January 1995 with the feature film Demon Knight. Directed by Ernest Dickerson and starring William Sadler, Billy Zane, Jada Pinkett, Dick Miller, Brenda Bakke, Thomas Hayden Church, CCH Pounder and Charles Fleischer, Demon Knight debuted at #3 its opening weekend and took in over $21 million during its theatrical run, making the first of the Tales from the Crypt a bona fide success (even if the critics didn’t seem to think so).

A movie best remembered by fans for its masterful blending of horror and comedy, an incredibly diverse and talented cast  of players as well as an iconic soundtrack and jaw-dropping special effects to boot, it was love at first sight after I first experienced Demon Knight all those years ago and it’s a film that I’ve been endlessly raving about to fellow horror fans ever since.

And with the 20th anniversary of Dickerson’s modern genre classic this week, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate a film that’s not only entertaining as hell, but was a truly monumental achievement on several levels as well. Read More

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Dark-SummerEditor’s Note: Dark Summer is now available on VOD and in select theaters, thanks to IFC Midnight, and Alyse was invited to speak with director Paul Solet about his latest film. Not only does he talk about Dark Summer‘s story, finding Keir Gilchrist, and selecting music for the movie, but he also give readers a tease of his Tales of Halloween segment that we’ll have a chance to check out later this year: Read More

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