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Kristian’s Favorites of 2013

Jason-Neca-box*Editor’s Note: As mentioned earlier this week, we decided to try something different with our “End of the Year” list, opting for our favorite horror experiences in 2013 over a top movies list. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our writers’ picks, which not only includes movies, but performances, events, and collectibles. Wrapping up our Favorites of 2013 is Kristian Hanson, who shares some of his favorite movies, collectibles, and TV shows:


The Conjuring:

Taking a look back at 2013, the horror community was privileged to a great deal of quality film and horror collectibles. For my pick of my favorite horror film this year, I would have to place The Conjuring at the top of my list. I grew up with stories from my mother about these case files and when I finally got to see the film, James Wan did not disappoint. The spooky camerawork and atmosphere really placed me inside of the film, and it was truly both creepy and fun.


Hatchet III

My second selection for my favorite film of 2013 was Hatchet III, directed by BJ McDonnell. I am a huge fan of the Hatchet series and have been ever since I saw the original teaser trailer when I was in Iraq back in 2006. This was well shot and the humor continued to stay on par with the previous two films. This was a fantastic ending to the franchise and it included a friggin Bazooka!


The Purge

My final film pick is a movie that many people did not enjoy, but I found entertaining. The Purge had plenty of flaws, but the lead villain was amazing and the individuals outside of the house reminded me of the Manson Family with their carefree nature when began to wreak havoc upon the family and finally break into the house.


Spider Gremlin

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Gremlins and Gremlins 2, and the Spider Gremlin always terrified me. Recently, I got to see this bad boy up close and personal, and it is just as terrifying as I expected. The attention to detail on this figure is quite amazing and if I came home to see this on my table, I would probably try to kill it and set my apartment on fire for fear of it spawning.


Video Game Freddy and Jason

Also on my favorites list of collectibles are the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street throwback toys that are inside of their old NES cartridges. The Friday the 13th figure is one that I picked up at this past year’s Comic-Con, and the attention to detail is really impressive. Both are displayed nicely next to their actual NES boxes in my office.


Holliston Season 2

Moving from action figures to television shows, my top pick for show of the year has to go to Holliston. This is a show that Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz and Corri English star in on FEARNet. The show has the type of fan references that any horror fiend should love to watch. I am truly hoping that a third season is greenlit, because I would love to see what happens next in the adventures of Adam and Joe, and if they ever get their movie career off the ground.


American Horror Story

Finally, my last selection has to be American Horror Story. I have grown up loving the traditions of New Orleans and the Salem Witch Trials, and the way they include real life fact into this show is truly amazing. Plus, the cast, which includes Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, really blows every other show out of the water.

2013 has been unmatched in terms of new horror television. The continued success of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story has opened doors for shows like Dracula, Bates Motel, Hannibal and and a number of upcoming series, including The Wolfman. I believe 2014 will be an even bigger year for the horror community and I cannot wait to see what goodies we’ll have to talk about this time next year. Happy New Years Daily Deadites! Be safe, and stay bloody.


Our Favorite’s of 2013:

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