Today is the 10th anniversary theatrical re-release of James Wan’s original Saw and to get all you Jigsaw fans ready, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to sit down and chat with the man behind all the madness- Tobin Bell.

At a recent press day, Bell spoke to Daily Dead about his experiences working on the Saw franchise throughout the years and offered up his thoughts on the duality of the character of John Kramer and whether or not he ever viewed the role as a true cinematic villain. Bell also discussed his surprise over how horror fans have embraced the Saw series over the years and his process in making a character with very little screen time (in the first film, that is) still resonate and feel fully-realized overall.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Bell below and be sure to head to theaters to experience Saw on the big screen one last time during the film’s limited one week re-release.

  • Heather Wixson
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