It's been a long wait, but tomorrow sees the return of The Walking Dead Season 3 with "The Suicide King." We've been showing you a handful of new photos over the past week and now have a batch of thirty photos that give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the episode. *Spoiler Warning: While there are no major spoilers in these photos, they do let you know the outcome of episode 308's ending.*

To avoid spoilers, there will be no early review of episode 309, but we have seen it and think fans of series will be very happy with The Walking Dead's return. The Suicide King picks up seconds after the end of the mid-season finale, with a memorable first (real) scene featuring Merle and Daryl together. Andrea plays a big part of the episode, but we also get to learn quite a bit about about Tyreese and the others in his group. Former NFL Steelers player Hines Ward makes an appearance as a walker and we've included a number of photos AMC released from his time on the set. This episode doesn't really have a self-contained story, so you'll wish the next episode played right away after seeing how things end.

If you’re not worried about spoilers, we have clips from this episode and multiple Season 3.5 trailers that will show you what’s coming up in future episodes. To catch up on all of our recent coverage, make sure to visit the links below. We wrapped up an interview with Glen Mazzara yesterday, which we’ll be posting in multiple parts over the next week.