Continuing my series of set visit features, I have the interview session I took part in with Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on The Walking Dead. Being the youngest main cast member on the TV series, I asked Chandler about his character growing up this season and he talked to us about getting his own action figure, as well as taking down walkers this season:

Last season, Carl got himself into a lot of trouble. How does that carry into this season?

Chandler Riggs: I think he's reflecting back on that and knows not to do that ever again. He knows to carry on and look more to the present than the past. He wants to try to be more a part of the group and become more of an adult.

Is his father letting him become more of an adult?

Chandler Riggs: Sometimes. Other times, with supervision, but he's letting Carl do a lot more.

Will Carl still be feeling the effects of Shane's passing?

Chandler Riggs: I think he's moved past that, so I don't think he'll be looking at that much.

Are you excited that you get to take more action in this season?

Chandler Riggs: Yeah, I get to do a lot more this season and it has  been a lot of fun.

With all of these talented actors around you, what do learn from them and how has it helped make you a better actor?

Chandler Riggs: I learned how to prepare for a scene and how to become a better actor. The actors on set have taught me so much and I'm just honored to have this job. I'm just the luckiest kid on the earth.

In the comic book series, we see Carl take a darker turn. Are we going to see some of that in Season 3?

Chandler Riggs: It hits him every now and then, but he doesn't go completely dark yet. You get to see a bit of it...

You mentioned that you read the comic book series. Have you kept up with the most recent issues?

**COMIC BOOK SPOILER- Highlight to Reveal** Chandler Riggs: I read until I knew I would live after being shot in the face. I knew I would be shot in the eye, but I haven't read anything since around 89.

Are you looking forward to having your own action figure?

Chandler Riggs: Yeah, they scanned me for an action figure. It was really exciting to see how it's done. I figured they made them by just watching what's on TV, but it's really cool how they do that.

We saw Carl pick using a gun at the end of Season 2. Will we see more of that in Season 3 and in the prison?

Chandler Riggs: You're definitely going to see more of that. Of course, in the teaser you see me putting down a zombie. Carl has definitely come a long way [from Season 2] and it's a lot easier now. You'll see a lot more of that...

Now that Carl will be carrying a gun more often, have you had any weapon training?

Chandler Riggs: I fired a gun for the first time [recently] and that was cool and I had to get some combat training. I believe this weapon right here [shows weapon] is a real gun [laughs], but [it was modified]. I can't touch a real gun on set until I'm 14, which is a really dumb rule. I can fire a rocket launcher when I'm 8, but I can't touch a gun until I'm 14.

Can you tell us about your zombie interaction from season 1 to season 3?

Chandler Riggs: In Season 1, when the camp got attacked, I was screaming and crying. In Season 2, I was still crying [laughs], because every time Carl saw a zombie, someone would die.

In Season 3, it is different because time has passed and I think he has definitely learned to grow up. Season 3 will show what else he can do.


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