It's tough when a popular retailer offers limited quantity items because there are always fans that will miss out. This has been the case for shirts from Fright Rags for years now, but they will be releasing 6 previously retired designs later this month:

"With the launch of our Graveyard section last month, we gave you the power to choose which out-of-print designs we should bring back from the dead. Every other month, we'll take the designs that received the most votes and bring them back to life once again.

Today is our first round of reprints, as we have chosen the top SIX designs with the most votes, which will be reprinted and back on our shelves late next month."

The 6 designs that are available include The Shining, Ash, Pinhead, Street Trash, They Live, and Tom Atkins. You can pre-order the designs right now to guarantee that you'll receive your size. To view the designs and for more information, visit:

They have also STRONGLY hinted that they will be offering a limited Friday the 13th shirt and a preview for that design is expected later this week: "Also, we've got another limited edition up our sleeve to be released on a very....hmm...appropriate day this month."