Weekend Box Office Update

2014/02/16 21:14:47 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Although there were four new releases this weekend, none of them were able to knock The LEGO Movie from the top spot. Adding another $48.8 million to its total, The LEGO Movie is now at $129.1 million in the US. With a production budget of $60 million, this is a huge win for Warner Bros.

RoboCop was expected to be a huge release for Sony/MGM, but it only placed third, earning an estimated $21.5 million. Don't be too quick to call this a failure, though. Like a number of releases this year, RoboCop is performing really well internationally, and it's global take could justify a sequel down the line. RoboCop has an estimated production budget of $100 million and has earned $96.3 million worldwide.

Unfortunately, this year's horror movies didn't have the staying power we've seen for previous January and February releases, so every new horror movie has been knocked off the top ten. We won't see another wide theatrical release until April, when Oculus and The Quiet Ones are released.

Next weekend sees the release of 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii. Here's a look at this weekend's top ten:

1. The LEGO Movie - $48,810,000
2. About Last Night - $27,000,000
3. RoboCop - $21,500,000
4. The Monuments Men - $15,000,000
5. Endless Love - $13,380,000
6. Ride Along - $8,759,000
7. Winter’s Tale - $7,785,000
8. Frozen - $5,855,000
9. Lone Survivor - $4,076,000
10. That Awkward Moment - $3,337,000