Director of 1998's Ringu, 1999's Ringu 2, and 2005's The Ring Two, filmmaker Hideo Nakata is coming back to the Ring franchise this year with Sadako, and you can now watch the film's new trailer featuring the return of the titular character and those unfortunate enough to cross her cursed path.

As reported by Moshi Moshi Nippon (via Bloody Disgusting), Sadako will be released in theaters in Japan on May 24th, with the following plot details known so far:

“The film will star Elaiza Ikeda as the main character Mayu Akigawa, a psychology counselor who gets involved in an incident with Yusuke Ishida, played by Takashi Tsukamoto, who will try to fix it. Hiroya Shimizu will play the part of Mayu’s younger brother Kazuma Akigawa who becomes a YouTuber to try and awaken Sadako’s curse. Himeka Himejima will play Jinko, a mysterious girl who lost her memory and is taken in at the hospital Mayu works at. Renn Kiriyama will play Mayu’s colleague Minori Fujii.”

Nakata directed Sadako, with Noriaki Sugihara (co-writer of Sadako 2 3D) writing the latest entry in the movie franchise based on Kôji Suzuki's book series.

It has not yet been announced when Sadako will be released in the United States, nor is it known if the film will be directly linked to previous entries in the Japanese Ringu franchise, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on future details, and you can watch the new trailer below (courtesy of Kadokawa Pictures via Bloody Disgusting).

Source: Moshi Moshi Nippon via Bloody Disgusting
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