Marlene-ForteA Haunted House will be released to theaters later this week and we have some new clips for you to check out. Tamika Jones also had a chance to interview Marlene Forte, who has appeared on dozens of TV shows (Castle, Eastbound & Down, The West Wing, CSI, Bones), and is playing the housekeeper in A Haunted House:

Thank you for taking the time to talk with Daily Dead. What can you tell us about your character in A Haunted House?  

I play Rosa the housekeeper. She is a little strange. She lurks around the house and look's like she hasn't slept much. She has worked with the family for a long time and is a little odd but she loves her job! It has LOTS of perks! And she isn't too happy about the new girl friend!

Why were you interested in taking on a role in a horror-comedy film?

Well, I am a big fan of the Wayans! ALL of them! And in an almost 20 year career, I have played a LOT of maids BUT nothing like this! I read this film and laughed out loud! I had so much fun shooting this movie. I hope this is just the first of many! LOL I play Carmen on Dallas, Bob Ewing's housekeeper. Well, Rosa is Carmen's crazy, crackhead sister! The sister Carmen doesn't talk about! LOL

Can you tell us about your experience working with Marlon Wayans and the rest of the actors on the set? 

Marlon was very funny, warm and considerate on the set. It was a small set; one location and a small cast, so we really felt free to be silly and crazy and fun! At least I did. And when you watch the movie, you will see, so did everyone else!

Do you have any funny or interesting behind-the-scenes stories to share?

For me the most interesting thing was to know that Essence was privately pumping milk for her new born baby. Being a beautiful new mom and them watching her turn into a crazy, possessed demon! She is really a beautiful person inside and out! I did mention funny, right!?

With A Haunted House being a parody of some of the most popular horror movies to come out recently, we wanted to learn about your interest in horror films. Are you someone that likes to regularly watch horror movies? What are some of your favorites?

I LOVE scary movies! I am not really crazy about graphically scary movies. I love The Exorcist, The Omen, the original A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Sixth Sense... stuff like that. The original Halloweens scared the heck out of me. I love to jump! BUT I do love ALL the parodies. I love comedy! And think the guys do a great job with these types of movies! And the audiences like them too! I am very excited to be part of this movie.

After appearing in A Haunted House, would you be interested in taking on a role in a serious horror film?

YES! I would LOVE to be in a good scary movie! I don't want to be in a slasher movie, though. Again, I really don't like the graphic violence.

You have an impressive list of character that you've played over the course of your acting career. What roles were your favorite to play?

Well, this role was some of the most fun I've had, but honestly my favorite role I have played to date is a role I played on a TV show called Daybreak with Taye Diggs. No one really saw it because the show was cancelled before my episodes aired and they aired them on the internet. But I played a Lady Macbeth-type character. I love the theater so that was a really wonderful TV role that doesn't come around that often.

What advice would you give to an aspiring actor/actress who would like to have a long lasting and varied acting career?

My first advice is that it's not a horse race. Acting for a living is a life commitment. And it is not a RACE. And if you call yourself an "actor", then ACT! Don't wait for the phone to ring. ACT. Get involved in a theater company. Do readings. Go see plays and movies and watch TV. ACT. Everyday do something for your career. You are your own business so "act" accordingly!

Aside from A Haunted House, what projects do you have coming up?

I am currently on Dallas. I play Carmen on the show and the second season starts at the end of January, and we are in the middle of shooting right now. I just finished working with Tyler Perry again on his next movie called Single Mom's Club. I'm also looking forward to getting back on stage, and The Latino Theater Company and Playwright's Arena are collaborating next fall. If all goes as planned, I will work with my husband, Oliver Mayer, again in the sequel of Blade To The Heat; his newest play is called Member's Only.


A Haunted House will be released on January 11th. Learn more by watching the clip below or visiting the following links: