Known for their innovative methods of showcasing their eclectic arsenal of films (such as their "Bear in a Cage" Midsommar toy), A24 continues to dazzle movie fans with their recently announced Public Access screening series that will feature six films playing on billboards in the locations that helped inspire their creation, including a screening of Robert Eggers' The Witch on a billboard in New Hampshire.

You can read A24's announcement about their free Public Access screenings below, and click the links to find out exactly where each of the six movies will be screening:

"This summer, A24 is bringing movies back home to the places that inspired them, turning billboards across the country into outdoor cinemas by night.

The 6-week screening series—free to the public—kicks off July 20th.

Lady Bird in Downtown Sacramento. The Bling Ring in the Valley of LA. The Witch in a remote town in rural New Hampshire. Good Time under the subway tracks in Queens. The Spectacular Now in Athens, Georgia. Moonlight in Miami, just a few blocks from Moonlight Way, the stretch of road that the city renamed to immortalize the film.

A24 Public Access. A celebration of the movies and the places they came from, hosted across the country on the most classic form of American media."

To learn more about A24, be sure to visit their website.

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