Directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch aren’t just successful horror filmmakers and best friends—they’re dog lovers, too. They’ll be putting their mouths where your money is for a live, three-day podcast to raise money for a dog rescue that’s near and dear to the heart of The Movie Crypt, the successful podcast Green and Lynch co-host weekly on GeekNation.

No lineup or list of guests have been made official yet, but The Movie Crypt has played host to countless actors, directors, and writers from the horror community since it launched in 2013, from Sid Haig and Kane Hodder, to Danielle Harris and Mick Garris, to Joe Dante and Leigh Whannell, to James Gunn and on and on and on. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these friends of the podcast stop by the “Save the Yorkies” marathon, which will raise money for Save a Yorkie Resuce, Inc. Green and Lynch have also devoted several episodes of The Movie Crypt to recording “fan commentaries” for some of their favorite films, including E.T., Gremlins, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, and, most recently, Poltergeist. The press release (see below) issued by ArieScope hints that more commentaries may be in store for this epic podcast.

As someone who has been listening to The Movie Crypt religiously since it launched in 2013 (originally as a temporary companion to the second season of Holliston, the sitcom Green created and also co-stars in along with Lynch), I can’t wait to hear what two of my favorite filmmakers have in store for the broadcast… and how they’ll sound after being awake and on the mic for 48 hours straight. With any luck, the last four or five hours will just devolve into Joe Lynch singing “Night Terrors!” Besides all the money the podcast will be raising for Yorkies, that would make the whole three-day show worth it.

You can tune in live from Friday, August 5th through Sunday, August 7th to hear the entire broadcast on I know I’ll be listening.

To learn more about the fundraiser, read the official details below and visit the ArieScope site. To support Save a Yorkie Rescue, Inc., go to:

From ArieScope: ArieScope Pictures and GeekNation announced today that filmmakers Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, WRONG TURN 2) will be doing a live, 3-day broadcast of their popular entertainment behind-the-scenes podcast "The Movie Crypt" to benefit "Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc" August 5th through 7th. In "The Movie Crypt's" first ever live broadcast, hosts Green and Lynch (as well as the podcast's beloved Yorkie mascot Arwen) will be starting on Friday evening August 5th at 7pm PST and staying on the air until Sunday night August 7th at 7pm PST. Joined by dozens of celebrity artists who will be stopping by at all hours (day and night) throughout the weekend, the "Save The Yorkies" marathon podcast will include the extensive and extremely candid "artist on artist" interviews/conversations that "The Movie Crypt" is known for as well as feature film commentaries, live script readings, musical performances, and more. Best of all, fans will be able to take part in the conversations and ask the celebrity guests questions live via social networking platforms such as Twitter and Periscope. Listeners will be able to donate directly to the rescue all weekend long and help "Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc" provide needed medical care and assistance to Yorkies in dire need of being rehabilitated before being placed in permanent, safe, and loving homes…

…”Those moments when we can use "The Movie Crypt" to help make life feel a little better for our audience...they make all of the hard work that goes into producing this show so very worth it," says Lynch. "The idea of using our program to help benefit a charity as close to our hearts as ‘Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc’ was a no brainier. I mean, our mascot is a Yorkie and our listening audience has come to love and adore Arwen almost as much as we love her. Almost."

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