A&E announced that they were working with Universal on a Psycho prequel series back in January. While it was only in development stages at the time, A&E has officially committed to a 10-episode first season order.

A&E must be confident in the creative talent involved, as they are skipping the usual pilot episode order. As mentioned earlier this year, Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse has teamed up with Kerry Ehrin to work on the series. Both will act as executive producers and are involved in the creative side of the project.

There is no word on casting, but we should hear more about Bates Motel later this year. A firm release date has not been set, but the show will premiere some time in 2013. Here is the previously released synopsis:

“Bates Motel” serves as a prequel to the most famous fright film of all-time, “Psycho.” A&E is currently in script development. “Bates Motel” will give viewers an intimate understanding of how Norman Bates’ psyche developed from his childhood through his teen years. Fans will have access to the dark, twisted backstory and learn first hand how his mother, Norma, and her lover damaged Norman, helping forge the most well-known serial killing motel owner in history.

Source: Variety