Aisha Tyler to Direct SILENT JOHN

2021/03/03 06:32:09 +00:00 | Jonathan James

We're very excited to see that Aisha Tyler, who recently completed directing an episode of Fear the Walking Dead, is going to be helming Silent John, with plans for production to begin this summer:

"Hidden Empire Film Group (HEFG) announced today that actor/director Aisha Tyler (AXIS, “Criminal Minds,” “Fear the Walking Dead”)  has been tapped to direct the upcoming film SILENT JOHN.  Production is set to begin in Summer 2021 and will take place in County Galway, Ireland. Casting will begin soon.

A young couple comes to stay at a rustic B&B in Ireland in the weeks before their first child is born. At first charmed by their Irish host, they soon discover he and his mute groundskeeper share a viciously harrowing secret. Soon they cannot discern friend from foe, and their dream getaway becomes a nightmare they cannot escape. Fueled by the historic abuses of the Catholic church against unwed mothers, this socially conscious psychological thriller explores the unholy fanaticism of a man lost in the chasm between faith, the church and madness.

“I am thrilled to be working with the killer team at HEFG; their enthusiasm and passion for this project is energizing and it’s gratifying they share my vision for this story,” said director Aisha Tyler. “ SILENT JOHN is a terrifying portrait of institutional abuse and its lifelong effects on the psyche; I look forward to Roxanne’s creative producing intensity, along with my brilliant producing partners Emmett Hughes, John Doherty and David Jacobson, helping to bring this riveting film to life."

SILENT JOHN was developed by Aisha Tyler, John Doherty and David Jacobson and written by Emmett Hughes. HEFG’s Roxanne Avent Taylor will produce the film alongside Artistry Collective’s John Doherty, Hot Machine Films’ Aisha Tyler & Emmett Hughes, and David Jacobson. HEFG’s Deon Taylor will serve as executive producer.

“It is a privilege to collaborate with Aisha Tyler on our upcoming production, SILENT JOHN,” said Roxanne Avent Taylor of Hidden Empire Film Group. “Aisha is an incredibly talented filmmaker, producer and actress with a keen eye for storytelling. She is going to knock this out of the park and it’s exciting to be working side by side with such an empowering woman.”

Aisha Tyler is repped by CAA, Fourward and attorney John Meigs at Hansen, Jacobson, Teller.

Roxanne Avent Taylor is represented by UTA and Artistry Collective."

Photo Credit: Robert Adam Mayer