Ellen Ripley, Lambert, Parker and the other crew members aboard the Nostromo spacecraft probably would have relished the thought of the Xenomorph glowing in the dark, as it would have been easier to spot as it stalked them in the shadows. Alas, this feature instead comes with Super7 and Secret Base's new Alien soft vinyl figure that's due out next year.

Standing four inches tall, the glow in the dark Alien soft vinyl figure is available to pre-order for $50.00 until midnight PST on November 30th, with the item set to ship in February 2015. We have a look at the figure below. To learn more, visit:

"The Alien Soft Vinyl figure from Super7 and Secret Base returns! No one is safe! The 4" tall terror is cast in Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl with a sinister black paint rub treatment. The paint lurks in the cracks of the toy just like the hideous Alien creature lurks in the nooks and crannies of the Nostromo Spaceship, preying on the human crew.

This pre-order edition is made to order and will ship in February 2015, packed in a retro-style window box.

Pre-Orders are open November 15th, 12noon PST – November 30th, 12midnight PST."

Source: Super7
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