Kane must have plucked the short straw of fate the day the Nostromo crew explored the transmission-emitting spacecraft in 1979's Alien, for he was the one who discovered the egg chamber and became the first victim to a newborn Xenomorph. Now you can relive Kane's horrifying walk through the egg chamber with two of Super7's SDCC 2014 ReAction exclusives: the Alien Egg Chamber Playset and the Deep Space Alien Mystery Egg.

Cool Toy Review reports that SDCC attendees can find the Alien Egg Chamber Playset and the Deep Space Alien Mystery Egg at Super7's booth #5245. The Alien Egg Chamber Playset is packaged like a toy straight out of the 1970's, with a platform dotted with Alien eggs and a backdrop that depicts the cavernous confines of the chamber. A Kane figure comes with the set, decked out in his spacesuit and crafted in a short and bulky cartoon-like style that fits the toy's tone. This playset is a ReAction product and should fit well with Funko's Alien ReAction figures. With only 250 numbered items available at $100 apiece, limit one per SDCC customer, this playset is sure to sell out before convention's end.

Also reminiscent of Kane's ill-fated trek is the Alien Deep Space Mystery Egg that houses an unknown figure, making the egg a blind box. The egg is reportedly a foot-pegged stand for the figure contained inside. Listed at $25 an egg, this figure is limited to four per person.

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further SDCC 2014 exclusives announcements as they surface.

We have a look at these two Alien exclusives, courtesy of Cool Toy Review!

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