Throughout the big game this Sunday, folks around the world will be chewing chicken wings, scarfing down nachos, and chomping hot slices of pizza, but a different kind of feast will be taking place during AMC's 2nd annual "Zombie Bowl" marathon of The Walking Dead, as the living dead will be busy sinking their teeth into unfortunate humans from Sunday morning till just before dawn on Monday:

AMC's 2nd annual Zombie Bowl kicks off at 10am ET Sunday, February 1st with the first-ever episode of The Walking Dead, "Days Gone Bye", and runs through 6am ET on Monday, February 2nd, concluding with the Season 2 finale, "Beside the Dying Fire." Comprising 19 episodes and the first two seasons of The Walking Dead in their entirety, this year's Zombie Bowl gives viewers a look at the early apocalyptic days of Rick Grimes and company:

"Need an alternative to Super Bowl Sunday? Grab some wings and a machete and tune into The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl: the ultimate humans vs. walkers showdown featuring a full marathon of Seasons 1 and 2 on AMC. The fun kicks off Sunday, February 1 at 10AM/9c with Episode 101, “Days Gone Bye,” and continues throughout the day culminating in the Season 2 Finale, “Beside the Dying Fire.” So who needs football? Whether you’re cheering for Rick and the survivors or siding with the dead, AMC has a whole day dedicated to fans like you.

The Walking Dead Season 5 returns Sunday, February 8 at 9/8c on AMC."

“After the tragic events of the mid-season finale – as well as losing the possibility of a cure in Washington, DC – Rick Grimes’ band of survivors find themselves on the road, surviving day-to-day and trying to hold on to their shredded humanity and dwindling hope. Stripped of security and without a direction for the future, some of the group near their breaking point, some find themselves hardened and cold and some just try to grasp onto what little they have left.

Though they are still breathing, the line between Rick’s group and the dead is starting to blur. Could there be anything at this point that brings them back to life?”

In case you missed it, check out our recent Season 5 coverage of AMC's The Walking Dead:

Source: AMC
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