Interactive TV content is something we're going to start to see more of in the near future. With tablets and web apps growing in popularity, AMC wants to get ahead of the game and has just announced The Walking Dead Story Sync. Starting with the new episode of The Walking Dead this weekend, you'll be able to vote on polls, answer trivia and chat while watching the show:

"Attention The Walking Dead fans: Looking to immerse yourself deeper into your favorite TV series? introduces The Walking Dead Story Sync, a live, interactive experience that allows you to vote in snap polls, answer cool trivia questions, and re-live tense killer moments via video clips during the premiere broadcast of the latest episode. Think Shane should have stayed away from the barn? Vote in Story Sync's Judgment Poll. See a particularly gruesome walker kill? Rank it on the Gore Gauge. As always, a live Watch & Chat lets you join fellow fans in the running commentary on that night's show.

The first Story Sync begins this Sunday night with The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere at 9/8c and 9PT. Log on to with your preferred Internet browser or tablet device, tune in to AMC for the broadcast and look for live updates on Story Sync throughout the episode."

The Walking Dead returns from its mid-season break on February 12th. Catch up on our recent coverage of The Walking Dead Season 2:

Source: AMC
  • Anonymous

    “Running to Live” !!
    Just like they do in the series.
    It must be interesting to be a “regular” in the show. When someone asks you what you do for a “living”…….you tell them “I am one of the Walking Dead”.
    I wonder what they EAT on breaks, and lunch ?
    They prabably aren’t choosy !! :)

  • Can’t wait till this evenings new episode

  • Anonymous

    We are so excited!!

  • Anonymous

    Love this Series!  Great Job AMC!

  • Guest

    Go SHANE!!!

  • this show is great

  • Anonymous

    WAR SHANE!!!

  • i want to cast on the show i love horror movies

  • I just love the walking Dead and was watching it since yesterday and today and now the one we all have been waiting for.  Yea this is going to be good!!!!!  Love the walking dead. 

  • Anonymous

    I missed the second word , any help?

  • MB

    This is COOL, but I miss too much of the show !!!!

    HAVE FUN…………………………………BYE !!!

  • MB

    Hey !!! Leave it to Beaver is on the other channel…….OUTA HERE !!!

  • MB doesn’t know what they are talking about. I started watching this show while in a Afghanistan and fell in love with it. I just got caught up with season 2 and it is great can’t wait to see the finale. I never watched anything that i can remember on AMC until The Walking Dead. Keep up the good work AMC

  • Not breaking bad?? Wow. The best show to air on tv. But i love the walking dead also!

  • The shows awesome the best tv show ever ever ever ever