Rick and the survivors of the zombie apocalypse from The Walking Dead are still rebuilding, still trying to start anew which inspired artist Brian Rood to create this latest art print called "The Last Stand". Depicting the standoff between Michonne, Rick, Carol, Daryl, Maggie and the big bad of Season 8, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), this 18x24" print is 1 of only 150 pieces and is signed by the artist.

From Sideshow Collectibles: "What happened, what we did, what we lost… there’s gotta be something after.”

Sideshow is proud to present The Last Stand Fine Art Print, an officially licensed print from AMC’s The Walking Dead by artist Brian Rood.

Inspired by Season 8 of the hit apocalyptic drama, Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors stand armed against the unending tide of undead and human enemies in this dynamic collage of fan-favorite characters. Black and red accents bring together this assemblage of The Walking Dead’s most famous faces as they prepare for an all-out war between Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom. A grim portrait of Negan, leader of the Saviors, looks down while Michonne, Rick, Carol, Maggie, and Daryl take up arms and make their last stand against the terrors of the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Each The Last Stand Fine Art Print is hand-signed by Brian Rood as a part of the numbered limited edition of 150 pieces. Make a stand and bring home this must-have fine art collectible from the world of The Walking Dead.

Print details:

  • Officially licensed by AMC The Walking Dead Art Print
  • Limited edition of 150
  • 18 x 24" fine art print
  • Luxurious archival textured fine art watercolor paper 310 GSM, 100-Years Certified Archival by Accredited 3rd Party (certificate)
  • Archival inks, Certified by Canon Alliance Partnership Program in conjunction with the Rochester Institute for Technology (RIT)
  • Hand-signed by the artist, Brian Rood

Frame details:

  • Recycled Polystyrene Moulding (Black)
  • Custom double mat design (Crescent mats in Black and 9873 Red Light)
  • Mats, foam board backing, and adhesive tape all certified archival materials
  • Framing grade acrylic
  • Wire hanger: No additional hardware required
  • Note: If the framed option is chosen, your order will be specially framed for you. Please allow additional time to frame and ship your order.

About the Artist:

Brian Rood is a professional illustrator working throughout the entertainment industry. He is most known for his extensive amount of work for the Star Wars franchise. He has spent the better part of the last 22 years working primarily for the entertainment industry and a large portion of that time in a galaxy far far away… His work for the Star Wars franchise can be found on everything from fine art reproductions to the illustrated storybooks for Lucasfilm/Disney publishing. He has spent the last several years creating over 600 new illustrations for current and upcoming projects for Lucasfilm/Disney publishing and licensing.

Brian's artwork has been commissioned and used by dozens of licensors for all forms of merchandise and key art for dozens of iconic properties ranging from Marvel to Marilyn Monroe. He is currently a license holder with AMC and creating the first very exclusive fine art line for “The Walking Dead”.

When he’s not in his studio creating artwork for new projects he travels the world attending and participating in various Comic Cons and gallery events. Brian says that "Working throughout the entertainment industry is a dream come true. This is the perfect time to create artwork like this for a living. The entertainment culture is so rich right now with amazing properties like The Walking Dead, I still can't believe I get to paint Superheroes, Jedi, and Zombies for a living…." When he’s not busy creating new artwork is spending time with his wife and two children in Southern Michigan.

License: The Walking Dead
Type: Art Print
Manufacturer: Brian Rood
Artist: Brian Rood

Expected to Ship: Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

Product Size: 24" H (609.6mm) x 18" W (457.2mm)

Framed: 30" H (762mm) x 23.50" W (596.9mm)*

Product Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)*

Dimensional Weight: TBD

Int'l Dim. Weight: TBD
* Size and weight are approximate values.

Limited Edition: 150

Price: $250"

Images from Sideshow Collectibles:

  • Tamika Jones
    About the Author - Tamika Jones

    Tamika hails from North Beach, Maryland, a tiny town inches from the Chesapeake Bay.She knew she wanted to be an actor after reciting a soliloquy by Sojourner Truth in front of her entire fifth grade class. Since then, she's appeared in over 20 film and television projects. In addition to acting, Tamika is the Indie Spotlight manager for Daily Dead, where she brings readers news on independent horror projects every weekend.

    The first horror film Tamika watched was Child's Play. Being eight years old at the time, she remembers being so scared when Chucky came to life that she projectile vomited. It's tough for her to choose only one movie as her favorite horror film, so she picked two: Nosferatu and The Stepford Wives (1975).