If you're an avid reader of Daily Dead or a longtime listener of our Corpse Club podcast, then you know we have a lot of love for George A. Romero's Creepshow. Earlier this year, Amok Time let collectors have their cake and eat it too with a figure based on the ravenous zombie from the "Father's Day" segment of the 1982 anthology film, and now they're looking to tide us over with new action figures based on a living dead Harry (Ted Danson) and Becky (Gaylen Ross).

Unpainted digital renderings of Amok Time's new Monstarz Creepshow figures are featured in the images below, showing the zombified versions of Harry and Becky after they were targeted at high tide by Becky's husband, the malevolent Richard Vickers (Leslie Nielsen).

While we'll have to wait and see what these figures look like in their fully colored forms, they are now available to pre-order ahead of their November release. To learn more, visit Amok Time's official website.

Creepshow "Something to Tide You Over" Action Figures: "It's Showtime!"

Monstarz proudly presents it's second CREEPSHOW release.

Harry and Becky, from Creepshow's third terrifying tale, "Something to Tide You Over".

A retro style collectible that will fit in perfectly with most 3.75in scaled action figure lines.

Action figure 2 pack features:

  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Clip on sea weed
  • 2 X action figure display bases
  • Frightfully packaged in a retro styled card.

Creepshow "The most fun you'll ever have being scared!"

Pictures show the approved unpainted digital sculpt.

More pictures of paint, accessories and package info will be added as they become available.

Pre order now and get free shipping.

Coming November.

Price: $29.99"

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