We had such a great time meeting up with Daily Dead readers at Walker Stalker Con last week. This event was easily the biggest and best convention for fans of The Walking Dead to date, with nearly the entire main cast in attendance. Andrew Lincoln was the big draw for many of those at Walker Stalker Con and I was one of a handful of people that had the opportunity to interview him.

During our roundtable interview session, I learned about his reason for appearing at Walker Stalker, and he also shared his favorite convention memory, his love of the South, and we what cast member he wish he could have spent more time with on the show.

You don’t take part in too many conventions due to your busy schedule and time spent with your family. What made you say yes to Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta?

Andrew Lincoln: This is my second home. I always wanted to do something for the home side. When I’m not working, my weekends are usually sacred. My family had just flown back to England and I have a spare weekend. Also, the podcasts are fantastic. I did some podcasts in between seasons and I love having a direct relationship with the fans.

A lot of people who have died are here and it’s quite nice to see everybody again. We do an East Coast and West Coast convention, but I think it’s important that we celebrate this city. This city and this state are integral to the success of the show.

What is your favorite memory from attending the various conventions over the years?

Andrew Lincoln: The first Comic-Con. We were in the belly of the beast and it was one of the most extraordinary days of my life. We were so isolated in the first episodes and we were revealing it to the world. When there was a roar of approval after the first trailer…. It was more relief than anything else.

He’s asked about his ability to play such a convincing Southern gentleman:

Andrew Lincoln: I just do what’s on the page and I can only bring myself, but there are things you heighten and lessen. I’m fortunate that I’ve been offered one of the great roles of my career and they keep writing incredible character development.

There’s something about being around a crew with a lot of people from Atlanta. As I said before, it’s integral to the success of the show. It’s like learning a different language and you become a sponge. That’s sort of what my job is really… I’m honored to even be asked to such a seminal role that is so American.

I love being here because of that and I love when my wife gets called “Miss” or me “Sir.”  There’s a respect between generations, a politeness, and a formality in the South that a lot of the world has lost.

If you had creative control over the storyline up until now, is there anything you would have changed?

Andrew Lincoln: I would have loved to have had a bit more time with my wife. Sarah Wayne Callies is such a great actress and I loved working with her so much. I would have loved to have had more scenes. The beauty is how it informed my character and sent me off to this crazy place that was brutal and challenging. It’s difficult in hindsight to change that, because it changes every other aspect. I’m very, very happy with who this guy is and where he’s at. It’s been a different experience this year, playing a guy who is holding himself back. He’s reining himself in, but that may not be for long…


For those that couldn’t make Walker Stalker Con, I’ve included the panel video below [Thanks, Casey!]. Catch up on our recent coverage highlights by visiting the following links: