"Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society..." If those words send a nostalgic chill down your spine, then you may want to grab a bucket of water and prepare for another trip into the woods, because Nickelodeon has renewed their revival of Are You Afraid of the Dark? for a second season.

Revealed in a press release from Nickelodeon (via The Futon Critic), the new Are You Afraid of the Dark? will return for a second round sometime 2020–2021 TV season. Continuing its anthology format, the new season will follow a different Midnight Society of kids telling a spooky story that becomes all too real.

The first season of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival aired over the span of three episodes in October of 2019, taking viewers into the "Carnival of Doom."

The horror springboard (along with Goosebumps and Eerie, Indiana) for a generation of genre fans who grew up in the ’90s, Are You Afraid of the Dark? originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1992–1996 (after premiering in Canada in 1990) before being revived for new episodes in 1999–2000 and then most recently in 2019.

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on the new Are You Afraid of the Dark? as more details are revealed, and in the meantime, we have the official press release excerpt below (via The Futon Critic):

"Are You Afraid of the Dark(Season 2) - The beloved anthology series returns with morescary stories and a new Midnight Society group of kids who tell a chilling tale, only towitness the events of the terrifying story start to unfold around them. ACE Entertainment (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, The Perfect Date) returns to produce, with ACEfounder Matt Kaplan and Spencer Berman serving as executive producers."

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