On the surface, it seemed like an idyllic small town, but something evil lurks beneath the streets of Derry in Stephen King's epic novel IT, giving the town a sinister two-sided nature that was recently brought to life in a meticulously detailed model.

Created by artist Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler, the new diorama depicts the town of Derry circa 1958, so it's fitting that Kassiopeya installed the model in a ’58 stereo holder. The town of Derry is displayed on top, while opening the doors below reveals IT's domain: the sewers.

You can view photos of the model below, and for a look at the full gallery and insightful details on how Sachenwerkler's created the diorama, visit the artist's official site.

From Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler: "It's finally done: My current modeling project, Welcome to Derry, an adaption of Stephen King's great novel "IT", has been completed and the final pictures have been taken. The complete gallery with about 100 pictures you find on my website.


To cope with the spirit of the original novel, this bloody ode to the Fifties, this sentimental-dark token of love for an era of deceased rock stars, I wanted this project to be something special. So my Derry – including its underground world of the sewers – has finally been integrated in an old 1958 stereo unit."

Photos courtesy of Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler:

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