Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY will be hosting a zombie art show that begins tomorrow and runs through the rest of the month. The event is titled the "Can't Beat Em, Join Em Zombie Show" and features the work of over 70 artists, with proceeds going to benefit the American Red Cross. We have been given a preview of some of the zombie art that will be on display and have information on how you can pick them up for yourself.

"Art has the power to communicate terror, evoke fear, and to scare the living daylight out of us. That is why Bottleneck is thrilled to be celebrating Halloween by raising the dead during our "Can't Beat Em, Join Em Zombie Show." Each artist will honor All Hallows Eve with their own visions of these brain eating, flesh oozing un-dead, and we hope to see you there!"

Opening Reception: Friday October 5th from 7pm to 10pm
Location: 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York

Zombie fans will easily recognize the pieces from Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead. There is other artwork, not shown below, from The Walking Dead, Zombieland, and The Return of the Living Dead, among others. If you're looking to get your hands on the artwork below or anything else from the show, you can visit the gallery tomorrow night to purchase them before anyone has a chance to online. If you don't live in the area, whatever is not sold at the show on Friday will be online at noon EST on their website: