As viewers of Ash vs Evil Dead know, the Starz series featured plenty of practical effects and props that were used in the (often blood-soaked) fights with the Deadites. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift for the Evil Dead lover in your life, or you just want a piece of the show to remember it following its three-season run, then you'll want to check out the massive Ash vs Evil Dead auction that's going on right now!

Taking place on eBay through VIP Fan Auctions (and initially reported on by Bloody Disgusting), the Ash vs Evil Dead auction began on June 22nd and will run through August 17th, with new featured items each week.

The screen-used props up for grabs in the first week are an eclectic and impressive bunch. Featured week 1 items include the Ashy Slashy puppet, chainsaw props, and the show's Necronomicon (just don't read its text out loud!).

If you're looking for an early Halloween costume that's sure to have heads spinning (hopefully not uncontrollably), then you may be interested in Ash's bleak asylum outfit or the possessed Henrietta skin outfit worn by Ted Raimi in the series.

We've highlighted several of the items up for auction in the first week below (via VIP Fan Auctions). Each prop and costume is directly from the series and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. To see the full list of week 1 items for sale, be sure to visit VIP Fan Auctions' website!

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