Betsy Palmer Has Passed Away

2015/06/01 12:28:51 +00:00

More synonymous with Camp Crystal Lake than even Jason Voorhees to many horror movie fans is Betsy Palmer, who unfortunately passed away last Friday at the age of 88.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Palmer died of natural causes in a Connecticut hospice center. In addition to playing Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2, Palmer appeared in Knots Landing, Murder She Wrote, The United States Steel Hour, and numerous other TV shows. Her film credits include Death Tide, The Long Gray Line, and Mister Roberts.

Friday the 13th fans will forever remember Palmer for her all-in portrayal of a grieving mother standing on the moon-splashed shore of Crystal Lake. Our thoughts go out to Betsy Palmer's family and friends.

Source: THR