There was more than one way to enjoy Mario Bava's Black Sunday when it came out in the early 1960's. After making its Italy debut in ’60, an alternate version of Black Sunday hit the silver screen in the US, giving audiences a re-edited look at the reign of terror caused by Asa Vajda's (Barbara Steele) curse, and soon the folks at Kino Lorber will bring this US release version of Black Sunday out on Blu-ray.

Kino Lorber revealed that their Blu-ray of the US release version of Mario Bava's Black Sunday will be available beginning February 24th. The Blu-ray includes a high-definition upgrade of elements from the original 35mm film and features the re-edits made by American International Pictures back in the early 1960s before the movie was shown to US audiences.

This version of Black Sunday also includes other alterations made by the AIP, such as the English-dubbed track and new score by Les Baxter. Kino Lorber released the original, Italian version of Black Sunday on Blu-ray in 2012. For more information, check out the official press release with full details (via Home Theater Forum):

Press Release – "NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 26, 2015 - Kino Lorber is proud to announce the Blu-ray release of the U.S. release version of Mario Bava's cult classic BLACK SUNDAY, the groundbreaking and highly influential Italian horror film starring the great Barbara Steele as a witch condemned to death who unleashes a horrible curse upon the ancestors of those who killed her.

As a companion to the original Italian release version, which Kino Lorber previously released on Blu-ray, this U.S. release version of Mario Bava's film gives viewers the chance to see how this now-legendary genre classic was originally presented to U.S. audiences on its initial release here.

The U.S. release version of BLACK SUNDAY is set to street on Blu-ray on February 24, with a SRP of $19.95, mastered in HD from original 35mm elements and including Mario Bava theatrical trailers as bonus features.

This version of the film represents the changes made by American International Pictures, the studio that distributed the film in its initial U.S. release.

In addition to re-editing the film, AIP created a new English-dubbed track and introduced a new musical score by Les Baxter, today recognized as a master of Ultra-Lounge music, and who was instrumental in popularizing the Exotica sound.

Widely recognized as one of the true masters of the genre, for his distinctive visual style and his talent for atmospheric horror, Bava created a strong and enduring body of work that continues to entertain new audiences. Kino Lorber is proud to offer Bava's impressive directorial debut in an edition that does justice to the incredible visual power of his cinematic style.


In one of the most auspicious directorial debuts in movie history, Mario Bava bridged the gap between the gothic horror picture and the European art film with BLACK SUNDAY (aka La maschera del demonio or The Mask of Satan). Made in 1960 and now considered a cult classic, it continues to reverberate through the cinema inspiring and influencing new generations of filmmakers.

In an absolutely mesmerizing performance, BLACK SUNDAY stars Barbara Steele as Asa Vajda, a beautiful woman tortured and executed as a witch -- but not before pronouncing a curse upon those who have condemned her, a curse that is fulfilled 200 years later.

Mario Bava Theatrical Trailers

Director: Mario Bava
Genre: Horror
Blu-ray Street Date: February 24, 2015
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
Blu-ray UPC: 738329157029

Italy / 1960 / B&W / 1.66:1 / 1920x1080p / 83 minutes"

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