What began with an invisible demon that wouldn't let a young woman get sleep at night has flourished over the years into a profitable house of horrors for Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions. Seeking to continue their process of making and distributing quality horror films on low budgets that rake in big profits, Blumhouse and Universal have signed a ten-year extension that includes both film and TV, and it's also been revealed that one of Blumhouse's movie franchises has switched studios.

Its first entry having debuted profitably in 2012 and a sequel set to begin shooting in August, Deadline reports that the Sinister franchise has moved from Summit to Universal's Focus Features, joining the Insidious and The Purge horror movie series already at Universal. The move comes as part of the ten-year extension between Blumhouse and Universal that includes an expansion into the realm of TV, as Universal Television and Universal Cable Productions are included in the first-look production agreement. Here's what Universal chief Jeff Shell had to say about the new agreement:

"This studio has had an incredible experience working with Blumhouse and it only makes sense to broaden that partnership to NBCUniversal’s broadcast and cable networks."

It will be interesting to see what new horror projects from Blumhouse will grace the big and small screens in the next ten years. We'll likely see more than a few sequels to the already successful movie franchises, but new films like Ouija will also make their debuts, and Blumhouse coming to television will bring new blood to TV.

Source: Deadline
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