Drawn to investigate a case of slaughtered Mexican immigrants trying to cross the border, Sam and Dean Winchester are tossed into the supernatural world of Aztec gods and soul-eating demons. With this new threat, the brothers must follow the lead of hunter and biker Xochi Cazadora if they have any hope of saving the world… again.

It is obvious that author Christa Faust is a big fan of the television show. From listing off the Iron Maiden and AC/DC songs that Dean is blasting in the Impala, to Dean's frequent use of the word "gank" when referring to killing demons, the book blends in perfectly with the series.

The story takes place during Season 6, and without going into specific spoilers, Sam acts the same way he did at the start of the season. His actions were calculated, but lacked emotion and moral judgment. Sam only saw the objective and needed to be kept on a moral path throughout the whole story by Dean and Xochi. Sam and Dean take on their usual roles, while Xochi takes on a strong female lead to balance the characters out.

Since fans are used to seeing so much Christian mythology in Supernatural, seeing Sam and Dean tackle another religion was refreshing. Faust did her homework when it came to Aztec god names and beliefs, and the attention to detail was really interesting. I could see this being a two-part episode that would branch of from the traditional storyline, but still tie into the bigger picture.

Those who like the show for more of the scary urban legends and possession stories won't find it here. Also if you are expecting Castiel to swoop in to give Sam and Dean some backup, there is a rule clearly stated in the book that Angels don't interfere with other religions. Heaven and Hell fought to control their Apocalypse, but when it comes to controlling other religions, it’s hands off.

Most fans of Supernatural should find this novel a nice compliment to the show. It is well written and such an enjoyable read, that I’d consider reading it again. While the cover may be misleading, this book is written for both male and female readers alike and there is something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and check back soon for my next review of "Supernatural: Night Terror" by John Passarella.