Over the past week, Ash vs Evil Dead was canceled by Starz and Bruce Campbell announced his retirement from portraying evil-fighting extraordinaire Ash Williams, but there's one last episode of Ash vs Evil Dead to enjoy, and by the looks of the trailer, the final episode is going to be a blood-spattered sendoff for one of the horror genre's most iconic characters.

Written and directed by Rick Jacobson, the series finale of Ash vs Evil Dead, titled "The Mettle of Man", airs on Sunday, April 29th on Starz. Following the penultimate episode of the series (fittingly titled "Judgement Day"), the series finale will pit Ash against the biggest Deadite threat yet, and it looks like he'll have to risk it all to save the ones he loves, including his long-lost daughter, Brandy (Arielle Carver-O'Neill).

In case you missed it, read Campbell's heartfelt farewell letter to Ash fans here, catch up on our previous Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 coverage here, and watch the series finale trailer below.

Trailer from martin HOLTEN via Bloody Disgusting:

Source: martin HOLTEN via Bloody Disgusting
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