If you're a fan of the Castlevania or Resident Evil series, both publishers/developers are giving you a chance to provide them with feedback on what you'd like to in the future.

On the official Castlevania Facebook Page, Konami wants to know what you'd like to see for Catlevania's 25th Anniversary: "In a perfect world, what would you like to see for the 25th anniversary of Castlevania?"

Capcom knows that fans have been split over recent Resident Evil games and moving the Resident Evil franchise into other game types. Here's what they posted to their Facebook Page: "Let's chat about upcoming Resident Evil games. We've introduced two new game concepts in Mercenaries and Operation Raccoon City, bringing back classics in RE4 and RE:CV, and going back to survival horror in Revelations. As a fan of Resident Evil, what do you think we're doing right and what should we be working on?"

Both publishers are known for taking fan feedback into account, so if you want to have your voice heard, make sure to tell them what you think. [Thanks ROH]