"Lose your innocence... or lose your life." In October, Scream Factory announced the upcoming high-definition release of the cult horror film Cherry Falls, and now they have revealed new cover art for the movie and marked March 29th, 2016 as the film's Blu-ray debut date.

From Scream Factory: "Happy Monday everyone! Check out the new cover art for CHERRY FALLS that will be on our upcoming blu-ray release next year and comes courtesy of illustrator Joel Robinson (Nightbreed, Ginger Snaps, The Serpent and the Rainbow). We felt strongly that this underrated slasher needed a fresh coat of paint since it never really had a compelling one-sheet design to begin with. We're very pleased with the results and hope you are too.

Official street date is March 29th. Expect bonus material to be announced sometime in February. NOTE: If you pre-order the release directly through us @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/film/film-horror/cherry-falls you'll receive a limited-edition 18" x 24" poster of the art you see here."

Scream Factory previously addressed why the long-lost Unrated Cut of Cherry Falls won't be included in this new release:

"As excited as we are to be able to bring this to you (finally) we do need to address upfront the question we know some of you will have: Will it be uncut?

We were fully aware that the film suffered trims from the MPAA prior to its release so when we acquired the film we hoped that we could find the additional footage and include it—either as deleted scenes or reinstated into the film. Unfortunately, our licensor (Universal) only has the theatrical R-rated version in their vault (the same cut that was released on the long out-of-print DVD) and they do not have cut footage in question.

Plan B: We contacted the film’s Director Geoffrey Wright to see if maybe he might have the excised material but were told that he was never given a chance to assemble a longer cut originally. He did not have the footage either."

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