Last week at Comic-Con, Mezco Toyz had two special treats on display for fans of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Positioned behind their glass display at booth #3445 were Living Dead Dolls based on Romero's 1978 zombie classic, and for those who couldn't make it to the San Diego show floor, Mezco released photos of the figures online.

The Dawn of the Dead Living Dead Dolls feature Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews and the unforgettable zombie head gazing over the horizon from the film's official poster.

The Flyboy doll depicts the character after he was swarmed by the living dead in the mall elevator. Greenish skin, a slanted head, and a bloodstained shirt capture unfortunate Flyboy's transition to the legion of the living dead. You can almost imagine him staggering out of the photo with that haunting limp that actor David Emge utilized so well during filming.

Official release details have yet to be revealed, but keep an eye out for these dolls sometime over the next year, and stay tuned to Daily Dead for more details. Will these collectibles be shambling onto your shelf?

Images via Mezco Toyz:

Source: Facebook
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