Before they collaborated on Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, special effects guru Tom Savini and director Joseph Zito teamed up on The Prowler. The 1981 slasher features a spooky score by Richard Einhorn, and a new vinyl release from Waxwork Records collects Einhorn's music from the movie like never before (it may even make you feel like you're the next victim of the prowler...).

We have full details, images, and an audio sample of The Prowler vinyl score below, and be sure to visit Waxwork Records online if you're interested in adding this release to your vinyl collection.

The Prowler Vinyl Score: "Waxwork Records is thrilled to kick off 2019 with the deluxe vinyl release of THE PROWLER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Richard Einhorn. Released in 1981, THE PROWLER is one of the earliest films to become part of the American-Slasher genre. It also features special effects by Tom Savini (Friday the 13th, Creepshow, Day Of The Dead) and was directed by Joseph Zito (Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter). The film’s music by Richard Einhorn (Shock Waves, Don’t Go In The House) introduces the composer’s departure from the primitive, monophonic synth scoring of his earlier work, and implements a blend of orchestral cues and mature electronic soundscapes. Waxwork Records worked with the composer to research and locate the master tapes that were thought to have been destroyed for decades. The tapes were restored, transferred, and the music was mixed, constructed into a cohesive soundtrack listening experience, and mastered specifically for vinyl. This special release is a must for fans of the horror genre.

THE PROWLER was released just one year after the critical success of FRIDAY THE 13TH, and has become one of the classic, underrated American-Slasher horror gems. The film is downright scary and features some of the most shocking death scenes of the entire horror movie genre due in part to the expertise of special effects mastermind, Tom Savini. The story tells of a group of college students holding a graduation dance 35 years after a double homicide occurred in their small town. They are targeted by a masked assailant dressed in World War II G.I. fatigues who begins a murderous spree.

This new, definitive double LP film score release of THE PROWLER features all of the film’s music composed by Richard Einhorn pressed to 180 gram Army Green Swirl with Rose Petal Red Splatter, new artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin, exclusive liner notes by director Joseph Zito, and a printed insert featuring Rosemary’s break-up letter.

THE PROWLER Original Motion Picture Score

  • The Complete Score By Richard Einhorn
  • 2xLP 180 gram Army Green Swirl with Rose Petal Red Splatter
  • New Art by Ghoulish Gary Pullin
  • Exclusive Liner Notes by Director Joseph Zito
  • Printed Insert featuring Rosemary’s Break-Up Letter

Price: $36.00"

Images from Waxwork Records:

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