We recently brought word that a pilot episode for a Constantine TV series was given the green light over at NBC, with Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday) directing. It has now been revealed who has been cast in the role of John Constantine.

According to Deadline, Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - pictured below) will star in the TV series pilot and the report comes with what sounds like the first plot details for the episode:

"John Constantine is described as a working-class Londoner with rakish good looks, scruffy blond hair, deadpan humor, and signature trench coat, who has been studying the dark arts since he was a teenager. When the daughter of a late friend is targeted by demons, Constantine steps in to save her."

The story comes from Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist), who worked on the pilot script with David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Christopher Nolan's Batman movies). The two will also serve as executive producers on the project.

John Constantine first appeared in Swamp Thing in 1985 and had his own comic book series, Hellblazer, which started in 1988 and was rebooted earlier this year as Constantine, a new ongoing series set in the DC Universe:

"From a young age, Constantine sought refuge in the occult as an escape from his hard life. It didn’t take long for him to discover he had a gift for it, but he also learned the deadly price of the dark arts when his inexperience cost the life of another. Since then, Constantine has vowed mastery over the occult and the demonic creatures that seek to abuse its power. But in so doing, he’s also learned the hard truth about what it takes to stand against powerful dark forces—a willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone."

Source: Deadline