We've had many readers asking us about The Walking Dead: Compendium Two and it has now been officially announced. The massive 1,068 page book collects issues 49-96 of the comic book series and will be released on October 3rd.

Like the first compendium, the new volume will only cost $59.99 and features artwork from Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. Robert Kirkman recently talked to USA today and told them that the compendium releases are his favorite format for The Walking Dead:

"It's just such a big, huge book that really offers a lot of bang for your buck... The idea of having Volume 1 and 2 sitting next to each other on a reinforced shelf really excites me... I'm thrilled that we finally have enough issues released to be able to produce Volume 2. Now I'm looking forward to four years of 'When does Volume 3 come out?'"

We've included the cover art below and also keep an eye out for information on the upcoming hardcover bible-style release of Compendium One that will be available this month at SDCC.

Source: USA Today