The lone human fighting against an army of vampires, the wealthy host of a deadly party, a vengeful disfigured man who mourns the death of his wife through murder: screen legend Vincent Price has portrayed these and countless other memorable roles in the horror genre. Scream Factory’s Vincent Price set was a huge hit last year and, with many Vincent Price titles still not on Blu-ray, they recently announced that they’re putting together another collection and we now have the official release date and cover art.

Set for an October 21st release, Scream Factory's The Vincent Price Collection II Blu-ray set features artwork by illustrator Joel Robinson that showcases the iconic actor depicted in a painting that looks like it could be hung on the walls of Frederick Loren's mansion:

"Check out the artwork for the upcoming blu-ray set of THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION II which is scheduled to drop on Oct 21st just in time for Halloween! Illustrator Joel Robinson did a great job once again and compliments the first volume well.

Once again, titles in "Volume II" set include The Last Man on Earth, The Comedy of Terrors, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Tomb of Ligeia, The Raven, Return of the Fly and the William Castle favorite The House on Haunted Hill.

Expect pre-order links to go up in the next few weeks. Extras will be announced sometime later this Summer."

  • Derek Anderson
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