Lucio Fulci's Zombie (aka Zombi 2) is coming to life on the paneled page in Eibon Press' new comic book series based on the beloved 1979 film. Ahead of its release this summer, cover art and and images from the Zombie comic book series have been revealed, including a look at the epic zombie vs. shark showdown.

Eibon Press announced on Twitter that the first issue of Zombie will be available to pre-order this June, stating on Instagram that pre-orders are expected to begin on Friday, June 10th, following the June 6th launch of the comic book's official website.

Based on both Fulci's movie and the original graphic novel version of the film, the Zombie comic book series will continue beyond the debut of its first issue next month, with at least three more issues planned to be released in the future, starting in October.

Fans looking to add the first issue to their collection will have to make their purchase through the comic book's forthcoming website. The comics won't be available in stores and the first issue will be a true collector's item with a print run of 1,000.

The Zombie comic book series adaptation was created by Stephen Romano, Michael Broom, Derek Rook, Gerry Coffey, and Fatboy. This is the first series in Eibon Press' Fulci Comics line, with more adaptations in the works for other films by the "Godfather of Gore."

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, and take a look at the recently revealed covers and artwork from the series:

Photos from Twitter and Instagram:

Source: Twitter
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