This Thursday may be Thanksgiving, but Creepy Co. is keeping the spirit of All Hallows' Eve alive with the release of their Halloween enamel pin set.

Based on John Carpenter's Halloween, Creepy Co.'s boxed collector's pin set features depictions of Michael Myers, Dr. Sam Loomis, Laurie Strode, a jack-o'-lantern, and the movie's logo. Limited to 500 items and priced at $65 apiece, the collector's pin sets will be released on Thursday, November 24th at 7:00pm ET on Creepy Co.'s website.

For more information, we have official details and images via Creepy Co. below:

From Creepy Co.: "Last month, we announced our acquisition of the license to John Carpenter's Halloween®. Today, we're pleased to share with you a bit more about what the first release (of many!) will entail.

As many of you know, Creepy Co. started as a humble maker of collectible lapel pins. With no real plans in our first couple of months of operation--outside of making things for people with interests similar to ours--we started to work on anything and everything we could think of that would resonate. One of our earliest pins was the first of its kind in the horror collectibles genre: an articulated, stab-motion Michael Myers enamel pin. We made those for a while but decided to halt production in favor of obtaining proper licensing. A few months ago, we did just that. We're ecstatically happy to report that we are bringing a crowd-favorite pin back to Creepy Co. this month. You heard it here first: our stabbing Myers pin will make its triumphant return in a matter of days.

Teasers will be rolling out steadily from here forward. Expect the deluxe stab-action pin to have a film-worthy update. Additionally, we will be offering the first ever available, fully licensed Halloween® collectible pin set, in limited quantities.

Here are the initial specs for this release:

  • A 5-pin, boxed collector's set, in limited quantity. Once these are gone, they are gone for good.
  • Michael Myers® stab-action articulated pin (available as part of the 5-pin set, or alone)
    (4) additional, yet-to-be-revealed pin designs, 1 of which will also be offered as a standalone pin (in limited quantities).
  • While the pin set is limited to one print only, the 2 standalone pins will be offered continuously, but will be limited in supply for holiday shopping.

As always, we recommend making purchase plans in advance, as these are *not* expected to remain in stock long!"

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