Now that we’re officially two weeks away from Christmas, there’s not much time left to get your holiday shopping done. Hopefully, today’s Gift Guide from Daily Dead will help you with your list, as we’ve got a ton of great ideas from Boom Studios, Synapse Films, Think Geek and more.

Also, be sure to check out today’s Holiday Horrors trivia question below for your shot at winning some awesome merchandise from our fine sponsors at, Scream Factory and Anchor Bay Entertainment.


BOOM! Studios was founded in June of 2005 by Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby. They were named "Best New Publisher of the Year" by Wizard Magazine just four months after their début. The company initially specialized in horror and sci-fi genres and have since branched out to include superhero comics such as Mark Waid's Irredeemable and the upcoming Soldier Zero, The Traveller, and Starborn in conjunction with Stan Lee's POW Entertainment.

Boom! also publishes many titles based on Disney/Pixar properties (such as Wall-E and Toy Story), Jim Henson's Muppet characters, and ZOOM!, an imprint aimed at young readers. BOOM! Studios also became the first comic book company in history to offer a digital download of a comic book on the day and date of its print release.

Here’s a look at some of their noteworthy titles that would make great gifts this holiday season. And for those of you wanting to support your local comic shop, you can search titles availability at or

For Movie Fans:

  • Jim Henson Novel Slipcase Box Set (MSRP $49.99) - A collection of the three Henson novelization reprints we published this year—Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and The Storyteller—collected into a handsome slipcase. Available 12/30 but you can pre-order now on Amazon at a discounted rate HERE.
  • RoboCop: The Human Element TP (MSRP $14.99) Available on Amazon for a discount HERE.

For Horror Fans:

For Sci-Fi Fans:

BOOKS: Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion

Featuring more than sixty new interviews with cast, crew, effects creators and studio executives, Phantasm Exhumed takes readers behind the scenes of the franchise that catapulted the Tall Man into the annals of horror iconography. Trace Phantasm's history from forerunners Jim the World's Greatest and Kenny & Company through to Phantasm: Oblivion and beyond.

MOVIES: Demons/Demons 2 (Synapse Films, Blu-ray)


THEY WILL MAKE CEMETERIES THEIR CATHEDRALS, AND CITIES WILL BE YOUR TOMBS! From the minds of Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava comes the horrific Heavy Metal splatter film classic, DEMONS, presented in a stunning new high-definition transfer and re-mastered audio! Special Features include Newly Translated Optional English SDH Subtitles and Theatrical Trailer.

A strange masked man offers tickets to a horror movie sneak preview at the mysterious Metropol cinema. When a patron is accidentally scratched by a prop displayed in the lobby, she transforms into a flesh-ripping demon! One by one, the audience members mutate into horrible creatures hell-bent on destroying the world. Can anyone escape this gory orgy of terror? Features an amazing soundtrack of 80s rock/heavy metal by Billy Idol, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Accept, Saxon and MORE! 

Demons 2

WATCHING TELEVISION CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH... AND BRING THE END OF THE WORLD! From the minds of Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava comes DEMONS 2, the sequel to the surprise horror hit, DEMONS. The Blu is presented in a stunning new high-definition transfer and re-mastered audio and special features include Newly Translated Optional English SDH Subtitles and Theatrical Trailer.

There's a scary movie on television and the residents of a luxury high-rise building have their eyes glued to their sets. Unfortunately for a young birthday girl, an eternal demonic evil is released through her TV and partygoers soon find themselves fighting an army of murderous monsters! Acid blood, demonic dogs, possessed children and rampaging zombies wreak havoc for the trapped tenants! Starring Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (Dario Argento's OPERA), Bobby Rhodes (DEMONS), and a young Asia Argento in her very first film role, DEMONS 2 is a jaw-droppingly gory film from the golden age of Italian splatter films! Features an amazing soundtrack of 80s rock/heavy metal by The Smiths, The Cult, Dead Can Dance, Art of Noise, Peter Murphy and MORE! 

APPAREL: Fear Shop’s T-Shirts

We featured Fear Shop’s beanies last week and today we’re turning our attention to their great selection of t-shirts for horror and sci-fi fans. Check out some of their ingenious designs including their Friday the 13th-inspired shirt, their tribute to Back to the Future or this badass Alien Chest Burster Shirt.

COLLECTIBLES: Think Geek’s Holiday Collection

We’ve also highlighted many items from Think Geek during the 2014 Gift Guide but now it’s time to turn the spotlight on their fantastic holiday collection of items perfect for fans of all genres. Here are just a few of their fun offerings this year:

Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

Dr. Who Holiday Ornaments

Zombie Ornaments

Game of Thrones Ornaments

Doctor Who TARDIS Globe

Star Wars Holiday Lights

R2D2 Nutcracker

ACCESSORIES: Friday the 13th for Guys & Gals

While looking for Christmas ideas over on Amazon, I came across a few unique Friday the 13th items that I thought would be worth sharing with you guys. Check out this Camp Crystal Lake Apron which is perfect for the next time you’re forced to pull kitchen duty or these killer  Jason Voorhees Tie Clip & Cuff Links for the next time you guys have a swanky event to dress up for.

FOR THE LITTLE GHOULS: Stylin Online’s Onesies

For today’s kid-friendly gift guide selections, I thought it would be fun to find some stuff for the teeny fans-in-training out there and so we’re focusing today on Stylin Online’s vast selection of onesies and rompers. They’ve got everything from Justice League to Star Wars to The Nightmare Before Christmas and more, so be sure to check out all their collections for that perfect gift this year.

FOUND ON ETSY: Horror-Themed Candles

Today’s Etsy find comes from Carlie’s House of Wax which specializes in creating pop culture-themed homemade candles at a very affordable price. They offer a great selection all around but I totally dug the Toxic Avenger, The Evil Dead, the Captain Spaulding and The Munsters designs.


Which legendary B-movie innovator also co-produced the 1974 holiday horror flick Silent Night, Bloody Night?

*Submit your answer to with the subject line "Holiday Horrors Trivia 10"


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