Happy Black Friday, everyone! I’m old enough to remember the days where you had no choice but to be up and out the door by 4 AM if you wanted to score any kind of post-Thanksgiving deals. I love that, these days, bargain hunters can more often than not shop from the comfort of their own home. And as someone who enjoys the thrill of saving money wherever I can, today is the equivalent of my own personal Olympics, as I search out deals on gifts and nab a few things for myself I had been holding off on as well.

On Wednesday, we brought you an initial look at some killer Black Friday deals, which included retailers like Amazon, Cavity Colors, Fright-Rags, Vinegar Syndrome, Severin Films, Mixtape Massacre, Final Girl Designs, HBO, and Entertainment Earth. For today’s installment of Daily Dead’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide, we’re bringing you even more online bargains from the likes of Creepy Company, Tees-En-Scene, Pixel Elixir, Middle of Beyond, Waxwork Records, Tee Public, Hot Topic, Gris Grimly, Tee Fury and many more.

Then, we’ll see you back here on DD early on Monday, as we take a look at some horror-themed housewares, ornaments and Cyber Monday discounts to save you even more cash this holiday season. And as always, Daily Dead will be giving away a prize pack of movies and goodies for 10 lucky readers, thanks to this year’s HGG sponsor RLJE Films. Winners will receive one copy of the upcoming Christmas anthology All the Creatures Were Stirring, one other title from RLJE and a few other horror-tastic surprises, just in time for the holidays.

To enter, send an email to contest@dailydead.com with “Holiday Gift Guide” in the subject line and be sure to include your full name and mailing address as well  (limited to those who are eighteen years of age or older that live in the United States. Only one entry per household will be accepted).


Creepy Company: For Black Friday, Creepy Company has put nearly their entire inventory on sale, which means you don’t need a code for their sale – just hop on over to their site and start saving now! CC’s Black Friday sale runs through 11/26 at 11:59 pm CST.

Pixel Elixir: If you’re an enamel pin enthusiast like I am, be sure to check out Pixel Elixir’s site this weekend for their Black Friday sale, as they’re discounting nearly everything in their store for 40 percent off. No code is necessary either, and their BF extravaganza begins on 11/23 at 9 am CST.

Terror Threads: Terror Threads’ Black Friday sale is already underway, and runs through Monday night, 11/26. They’re offering up discounts on a variety of featured items; no codes are required while shopping. Plus, they recently unveiled some new holiday-themed apparel, so this weekend is a great time to visit TT’s site.

Middle of Beyond: Middle of Beyond has been a longtime favorite of mine, as their sweaters are just awesome (my fella lives in his Bigfoot cardigan from MOB) and I adore their ornaments as well. For Black Friday, their putting everything on sale, and you can save 30 percent off all your purchases by using BLACK30 at checkout. It’s a perfect time to get some gifts and you can even pre-order their new Ghostbusters products too (they arrive in December)!

Tees-En-Scene: One of my favorite t-shirts purchases that I made this year was the Debra Hill tribute tee from Tees-En-Scene. Right now, you can get 30 percent off your entire order when you use the code TEESENFRIDAY at checkout, so this is the perfect opportunity to grab this amazing shirt that shows some love to one of the best producers ever (they have some other terrific t-shirts available too, of course).

Waxwork Records: Waxwork Records’ Black Friday sale is already underway, which makes it the perfect time to shop for some vinyl gifts, or perhaps stock up on some soundtracks to enjoy for yourself. Waxwork’s discounts will run all weekend long, and look for more sales on Cyber Monday as well.

Tee Fury: For their Black Friday sale this year, Tee Fury is going in a little bit of an unusual route, as they are offering an 18 percent discount on everything available in Black. Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY2018 at checkout to save some dough at TF this weekend.

Gris Grimly: Illustrator and author Gris Grimly is celebrating Black Friday over on his online shop this weekend, as he recently announced on Twitter that he’ll be offering discounts beginning on Friday, with his sale running through Monday. Be sure to check out his site today for more details on his Black Friday deals.

Tee Public: For 24 hours, Tee Public is taking up to 30 percent off of everything on their site, so if you’re into supporting indie artists, be sure to check out their site today for all kinds of great deals on apparel, home goods and more. No code is necessary while checking out either, but their sale is only good through tonight, so don’t delay on stocking up on some great horror and sci-fi goodies!

Sourpuss: If you dig old school punk with a kitschy twist, be sure to check out Sourpuss this weekend, as they’ve got a killer selection of apparel, housewares, jewelry, accessories and tons more. For Black Friday, everything on their site   is 25 percent off when you use the code BLACK at checkout on all orders through 11/23. Happy shopping!


Sideshow Collectibles: If you’ve been holding off on some of the incredible releases from Sideshow Collectibles as of late (or maybe you’ve got an eye on an upcoming pre-order), now is the time to act, as SC is offering up more than 50 different deals for Black Friday which are currently running on their site. Be sure to check out Sideshow this weekend to find the perfect gift for the collector in your life.

Gallery 1988: As usual, Gallery 1988 is taking 30 percent off all their back inventory of prints and other art pieces for their Annual Holiday Sale. Just use the code CELEBRATE when checking out and you’ll nab some deep discounts. The Gallery 1988 sale runs through December 31st too.

Hot Topic: Look, I know most of us think we may have outgrown Hot Topic, but the reality is that they still do some awesome horror gear and other genre-related accessories and what-nots, and every Black Friday, they do an amazing Black Friday sale. This year, they’ve got tons of t-shirts for only $10, Funko Pop! Vinyls are 3 for 24, a BOGO $10 deal on hoodies and sweaters, plus BOGO deals on the rest of their online store. The Hot Topic Black Friday sale ends at 11:59 pm PST, so be sure to check out their discounts before then!

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