While Dante's Inferno wasn't a commercial and critical failure, it certainly didn't have the sales and critical response to merit EA fast tracking a sequel into development. However, fans Dante's Inferno and developer Visceral Games will be happy to hear that a sequel may be in development.

Joshua Rubin, a video game writer who has worked on Assassin Creed II (among other games), updated his bio page and revealed that he's working on "a Major Unannounced Sequel from Visceral Studios at EA Games". He offered a link as a hint which led to the Dante's Inferno Super Bowl trailer.

Dead Space 3's development is a given at this point and Visceral doesn't have any other in-house properties they could make a sequel out of. Consider this just a rumor at this point, but we'll keep an eye out for new information related to the project. After seeing the jump in quality from Dead Space to Dead Space 2, we're willing to give Dante's Inferno a second chance. We just hope they overhaul the game mechanics that didn't work from the first game. Would you be interested in a Dante's Inferno sequel?

Source: Joystiq