This fall, Dark Horse is kick-starting four new comic book miniseries. Featuring the recognizable titles of Prometheus, Aliens, AVP, and Predator, the Fire and Stone series is ambitious in scope. If you can't wait for the batch of new stories to come out, then you're in luck: Dark Horse has released a free Fire and Stone sampler with intro chapters from each of the four upcoming miniseries.

Comprising 22 pages and featuring plenty of Alien and Predator appearances, Dark Horse's Prometheus / Aliens / AVP / Predator: Fire and Stone Sampler is now available.

"A quest to salvage a lost ship sets in motion a saga sprawling forward and backward through time, with a universe of horror drawn to one world—and a fantastic team of writers and artists have gathered to tell the tale. Spread across four different titles, with a final chapter coming from Kelly Sue DeConnick, Fire and Stone starts here, in four intro chapters from the first issues of Prometheus, Aliens, AVP & Predator."

Writers: Paul Tobin, Chris Roberson, Chris Sebela, Joshua Williamson

Artists: Juan Ferrerya, Patric Reynolds, Ariel Olivetti, Chris Mooneyham

Cover Artist: Dave Palumbo

To read the sampler for free, visit:

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