Daughter's Day becomes deadly for a group of young women dealing with their crazed fathers in a creepy community in the official trailer for Pure, the final installment of the first season of Blumhouse's Into the Dark horror anthology series (which has been renewed for a second season by Hulu).

Written and directed by Hannah Macpherson (based on a story idea by Macpherson, Paul Fischer, and Paul Davis), Pure stars Jahkara Smith, McKaley Miller, Scott Porter, Annalisa Cochrane, Ciara Bravo, and Jim Klock.

Below, you can watch the official trailer for Pure before it premieres on Hulu beginning Friday, September 6th.

"A seventeen year-old poster girl for her town’s purity movement is tormented by a supernatural presence, just as she fears her community will discover she has long had a secret boyfriend."

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