Last year, Texas Frightmare Weekend featured a guest list of horror legends including Sam Raimi, Robert Englund, and Tim Curry, and they're assembling another group of icons this year, including the newly announced David Cronenberg.

Cronenberg will be at Texas Frightmare Weekend from Friday, May 1st to Sunday, May 3rd, joining a roster of special guests that includes Clive Barker, Jackie Earle Haley, Danny Trejo, Justin Long, Alice Cooper, and more.

We have the press release below with additional details, and to learn more, visit Texas Frightmare Weekend's official website.

Press Release:Dallas, TX, March 2, 2020: Texas Frightmare Weekend Presented by Arrow Video is pleased to announce iconic director David Cronenberg. Cronenberg will appear all three days at the upcoming convention and film festival on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2020.

In the annals of dark fantasy filmdom, perhaps no other artist has made more of an impact than Canadian director David Cronenberg. From his early Cinepix shockers SHIVERS (THEY CAME FROM WITHIN) and RABID to his landmark psychological body horrors THE BROOD and VIDEODROME, to his epic, slime-soaked tragedy THE FLY, Cronenberg's cerebral, controversial, often stomach-churning mind-benders made him an international sensation with critics, fellow filmmakers and audiences alike. But while many of his colleagues and peers ended up retreading and repeating their past success, Cronenberg refused, instead opting to evolve the very idea of what a horror movie could be, with progressive films like DEAD RINGERS, CRASH, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and the unjustly overlooked M. BUTTERFLY.

As an actor, Cronenberg has made appearances in everything from John Landis' INTO THE NIGHT to Gus Van Sant's TO DIE FOR to his latest role in the neo-noir DISAPPEARANCE AT CLIFTON HILL. But he is of course perhaps best known and loved for his mesmerizing turn as the serial killer psychiatrist Dr. Decker in Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED.

Texas Frightmare Weekend is honored to host the U.S. HORROR CONVENTION DEBUT of writer, director, actor and icon David Cronenberg. You won't want to miss this...

Previously announced guests include Clive Barker, Jackie Earle Haley, Danny Trejo, Justin Long, Alice Cooper, cast members from Doctor Sleep and more.

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