The Toronto International Film Festival teamed up with David Cronenberg for The Cronenberg Project, a multi-platform exhibition that starts today in Toronto:

"Piers Handling, CEO and Director, TIFF and Noah Cowan, Artistic Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox along with David Cronenberg came together... to unveil exciting new details of The Cronenberg Project.

Included in the announcements were the full film retrospective and sidebar film programme, eBook and a selection of special guests and events. The Cronenberg Project, TIFF’s multi-platform celebration of Cronenberg’s work, will have its world premiere at TIFF Bell Lightbox from November 1, 2013 to January 19, 2014. Additional details for the original film exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, digital-experience extension Body/Mind/Change, visual art exhibition David Cronenberg: Transformation, the David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition and original publications that comprise The Cronenberg Project were also announced.

TIFF’s first original major touring exhibition—and the core component of The Cronenberg Project—David Cronenberg: Evolution parallels David Cronenberg’s evolution as a filmmaker with his ongoing examination of human evolution. The exhibition will be divided into three major sections that, through props, costumes, audio-visual elements and behind-the-scenes footage, trace thematic developments across Cronenberg’s cinema while exploring sub-themes of sexual control, personal identity and Cronenberg’s relationship to science and science fiction. The first section, titled Who Is My Creator?, comprises Cronenberg’s earliest works, from Stereo (1969) to his breakthrough film Videodrome (1983), and examines his protagonists’ search for father figures within the worlds of science and technology. Who Am I? looks at Cronenberg’s “middle period” from The Dead Zone (1983) to eXistenZ (1999), as characters seek control of their own identities and divided selves, and experiments with their own bodies. Who Are We? takes these protagonists out into the world, examining both their psychological and physical relationship to family, friends and society, from Spider (2002) up to Cronenberg’s most recent film with Cosmopolis (2012).

Other newly announced highlights include two subsections of David Cronenberg: Evolution, offering audiences the chance to step inside the world and mind of David Cronenberg. At the exit of the exhibition will be a special viewing area where short films by David Cronenberg will be screened; and inside the exhibition, there will be a special space devoted to Naked Lunch—including a recreation of the film’s famous bar, complete with Mugwump—in part as a tribute to William S. Burroughs and other 20th century artists and thinkers that have informed and inspired Cronenberg’s work.

“As the international community turns its attention to Toronto for the Festival, we are thrilled to share a piece of our legacy with David Cronenberg, one of the world’s greatest living filmmakers and someone who represents Canadian cinema at its very best,” said Piers Handling, CEO and Director, TIFF. “TIFF has grown and evolved alongside David for over three decades, and with The Cronenberg Project we celebrate David’s history while also moving forward into a new era for TIFF Bell Lightbox with our first large-scale, original touring exhibition.”

“David Cronenberg has made an immeasurable contribution to Canadian and global cinema. TIFF has been fortunate enough to have worked with him throughout his career to amass a significant collection of artifacts and documents that have made this celebration possible,” added Noah Cowan, Artistic Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox. “We are approaching Cronenberg’s work across multiple platforms, with a number of creative partners, to create an immersive and experiential project that has been our dream since TIFF Bell Lightbox was conceived. This is what TIFF Bell Lightbox was built for.”"


For more information on David Cronenberg: Evolution, visit:

Here are more details and a teaser video for Body/Mind/Change:

"TIFF and the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) have co-produced Body/Mind/Change, an elaborate multi-media production with creative direction by Lance Weiler starring David Cronenberg that presents the plausible science fiction found in his work as scientific fact.

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