Dead Island Film Rights Purchased

2011/02/19 02:17:28 +00:00 | Jonathan James

With all the buzz that surrounded the Dead Island trailer release earlier this week, it should be no surprise that it caught the attention of Hollywood. Producer Sean Daniel decided to beat everyone else to the punch and has purchased the rights to create a film based off of the video game.

Sean Daniel has been responsible for producing such films as The Mummy, Tombstone, and The Wolfman, so the chances of seeing this film going into production is actually pretty good. At this time, the specific storyline for the Dead Island video game has not been released, so there is no telling if any movie would follow specific characters from the game or would just be based on the idea of a zombie outbreak on a resort island.

For previous coverage on Dead Island, you can check out a recently released batch of screenshots as well as the official trailer.

***Updated 2/19 @ 8:52 PM EST: Multiple independent and reliable sources broke this story yesterday, but Dead Island publisher Deep Silver clarifies that they have not officially sold the rights although they have received a massive amount of interest in a film adaptation. Stating that they "... would therefore be honored to work with someone who already has a proven track record with blockbuster movies", it definitely appears that there is some truth to yesterday's story, but a deal has not yet been finalized. We'll make sure to provide an update on any developments.***

Source: HitFix