This week, Deep Silver released Dead Island: Survivors, a mobile zombie action RPG set in the Dead Island universe. We have a look at the recently released cinematic trailer and download links for those looking to check it out:

Larkspur, Calif.  July 3, 2018  Deep Silver’s Hamburg-based development studio Deep Silver FISHLABS proudly announces today’s worldwide launch of Dead Island: Survivors, the zombie action brawler set in the Dead Island universe. Created specifically for iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets, Dead Island: Survivors is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Download on the App Store:

Download on Google Play:

Dead Island: Survivors offers action-packed gameplay mixing melee combat and trap-laying with tactical base building and card collecting. The game is set in a beautiful albeit zombie-plagued world in close vicinity to the island of Banoi. Crafted with true love for the genre, Dead Island: Survivors features a wealth of different heroes, zombies, weapons, traps, consumables, levels and missions. Fans of the previous Dead Island games will be delighted to discover all kinds of tie-ins, Easter eggs and references to the series as they play.

Watch the cinematic launch trailer here:

Key Features

  • Action-packed gameplay mixing melee combat and trap laying
  • Iconic heroes to face the zombies
  • Base-building with cunning traps to fend off the hordes
  • Survival challenges with your friends and allies
  • Expansive, beautiful hand-crafted islands
  • Heroes and zombies in the real world via the ARKit (iOS version only)

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