Dead Island publisher Deep Silver announced that a patch for the Xbox 360 version has been released:

"The Dead Island Xbox 360 patch is now LIVE! Updates include improvements to matchmaking over Xbox Live, in-game AI, quest fixes, improved balancing of escort quests, visual glitch fixes and a ton more."

For the previously released Day 1 patch notes, make sure to check out our earlier coverage. Escort quest balancing is definitely something that was needed for casual players. We've had reports of players being unable to continue escort missions unless they went into co-op, because losing would restart the checkpoint and they would run down their weapons and ammunition.

As far as future PS3 and PC patches are concerned, they will be released soon: "Updates for PS3 and PC users are also coming - info will be posted as soon as it's available."

Players should also expect to see the first Dead Island DLC released later this month: "...the Bloodbath Arena pack features single and multiplayer challenges in four different arenas. It’s a pure fight for survival when wave after wave of deadly zombie attacks, one more gruesome than the next! Characters can also gain additional experience points and items and bring them over to their single or multiplayer campaigns. What’s more, players can show off their skills in zombie fighting via the Bloodbath Arena’s Leaderboards. Finally, Bloodbath Arena includes a new exclusive weapon, the brain wave bomb, to ensure some highly explosive combat experiences."